AudioVisual Funeral


Within amazing interior of Grade II listed cemetery chapel we invite you to celebrate upcoming new London – this one which will emerge after raging gentrification, cultural cleansing and social division transform this city to big glass&metal bank tower. Spill some drink for Fabric, Passing Clouds and other historical culture establishments, light up rollie for dead squat culture and think about all those who left to the place where they come from.

// chapel // ritual AV performances by:
Jose Macabra & Martin Delaney
Mowgli Art & Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers
Natalia Trotyl & [M]Vizual [T]Error

// chapel // interactive projection:
Ashes 2 Ashes by Hypnone

// crypt // creatures of the night:

// cemetery // coffin mapping:
Mar Tu

// gallery // visual works by:
Joey Baker Art, Skopta Photography, Natalia.W, Neon mTHREE, Martin Delaney, L’Aubaine visuals

entry: 5.90 in presale through eventbrite
on doors: 7


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