October 2015
Meetup + Showcase

Richard Burns

Richard Burns is an interactive developer who specialises in the field of projection mapping. At Projection Artworks in London he has worked on live music visuals, projection mapping systems and social media integration. In his spare time he performs as a VJ at various locations in the UK and teaches TouchDesigner.

Zak Norman

Zak Norman is visual artist who has collaborated with Squarepusher, Africa Express and Scuba on their live performances. He specialises in creating flexible systems for musicians to control the narrative of the visual environment.

Neal Coghlan

Neal Coghlan is a designer, director and artist working predominantly in the field of animation, though also crossing the boundaries of music and technology. He creates intricate animations from simple shapes, and creating imagery that is bold in it’s colour and appearance.

VJ Van

VJing for a decade at many varied styles of musical events, mostly in Poland. His latest concept of visuals is a freestyle remix of live feed from cameras around artists and the ambience.