About AV Depot

AV Depot was created in 2015 by the team responsible for running VJ London out of a desire to promote and showcase art works and performances merging technology, art and science with a focus on interactivity and performance. We embrace DIY principles therefore our ethos is based on collaboration and experimentation. We aim to share experiences and knowledge between creators and the audience.

We cater for both established and emerging artists, technologists, makers and hackers providing one of very few spaces in London dedicated to technology based artforms. Our intention is to become a nexus between different approaches and disciplines related to interactive experiences – from bedroom music/visual production, through low cost electronic creation and late-night creative development, to commercial full-scale productions.

If you share our vision do not hesitate to get involved, contact us using our submission form.  Whether you want to show your work, volunteer, perform, photograph or film, we are always open.

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We are very thankful to our trusted partners without whom it would be impossible to run AV Depot.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in partnering or sponsoring our event. We are specially open to partnerships with similar events around the world and are currently looking for sponsors in the art and technology industries.