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In Inner Sound, author Jon Weinel traverses the creative influence of Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs), from Amazonian chicha festivals to the synaesthetic assaults of neon raves; and from an immersive outdoor electroacoustic performance on an Athenian hilltop to a mushroom trip on a tropical island in virtual reality. Beginning with a discussion of consciousness, the book explores how our subjective realities may change during states of dream, psychedelic experience, meditation, and trance. Taking a broad view across a wide range of genres, Inner Sound draws connections between shamanic art and music, and the modern technoshamanism of psychedelic rock, electronic dance music, and electroacoustic music. Going beyond the sonic into the visual, the book also examines the role of altered states in film, visual music, VJ performances, interactive video games, and virtual reality applications.

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Jon Weinel aka Soundcat VJ, artistic work


AV live electronics

Hailing from endless darkness, neon::metalogue bring you gifts from their excursions to distant and liminal zones.
These artefacts, upon closer investigation reveal audio visual resonances.
Combining broken beats, industrial soundscapes and crystalline melody with cut-up camera feeds from alternate reality,
we summon the Year of no Summer for you to witness.

Metalogue (Abstrakt Reflections, Section Twentyseven)

Neon::M3 (VJ London, M3:Agenda, Holycircuit studios)
Neon Emtrzy

Fabrizio D’Amico aka VJ Hash

Modular Synth AV set