March VJ London Meet-up
& Showcase


SHADER LIVE CODING (Demoscene competition style)
Tryphon & Calculus aka evvvvil from demoscene group DESiRE has 25 minutes to make a whole 3d scene from scratch with shader code. No googling, no cheat sheets, just maths, memory, raymarching distance fields and hyperactive fingers. Same rules as in the demoscene’s live coding “Shader Showdown” competition, just one player though, unless you want to challenge, broh.


“MATTERS-ON” – Sound/Visual Performance
Matters-ton is a 2nd chapter of his Hyper Serial Music project/series aiming to expand,
in new contemporary sense, classical means related to the history of Serial Music. In this work, Tatsuru developed
and evolved into more complex and higher quality result, unfolding the relation between Sound and Matters on the
three Dimensions of Space. By means of algorithmic simulation, principles designing the audiovisual substance are
correlated directly on showing the physical side of Universe through human perception.

Tatsuru Arai is from Japan, lives and work in Berlin. He studied music composition in Japan and Graz, and Computer-programming and multimedia-art in Berlin.
His works were performed in over 40 cities around the world.



RECURSIVE INFINITY – Endless Procedural AV Show
Real-time audio-visual live performance where endless visuals and music both follow the theme of recursive infinity: a never-ending fractal train journey through procedural abstract worlds, cities and space. Made with code, rendered in real-time in vvvv with audio-responsive sync from Ableton Live.

evvvvil makes visuals with code, digital fucking art, interactive shit, design & works part-time as a dog therapist. Demoscener with demo group DESiRE. Keeping it real-time.

OddJohn is a House & Techno producer originally from France but living in London for the past 10 years. After his album “John’s grooves and moods” he just release a new EP called “Ladbroke grove



Analogue and modular AV set
Crowley Engel II makes visuals with analogue modular synths, 8bit video games and lots of machines and cables.

Ores started producing electronic music in 1998 after being left without a drummer in his indie band. He is not fully dedicated to this. He is also half of Over the Hump duo and one of A’mas founder.


VJ London - March 2018 poster