June 2014
Meetup + Showcase

Mowgli with the Zenoid


Mowgli will be publicly showcasing the Zenoid for the first time. This ongoing project is a true audiovisual groovebox. It combines an av drum kit and a knob controlled av synthesizer with live looping functions. It
is designed as an improvisation performance tool which often surprises the performer as much as the audience. Welcome to the world of audiovisual jazz!

“Everything is already discovered”


A narrative audiovisual road movie, shot and edited by Piotr Nierobisz (Neon) as he traversed the globe for 8 months.

Two hundred and forty three days on the road is more than enough. During this time I visited sixteen countries and circled the globe. The last few months have been the most intense rollercoaster of experiences – some of them amazing, some of them terrible. I slept in dirty dingy shit holes and wundershöne kitschy hotels, ate fancy delicious food and gross morsels.I traveled in huge airbuses and crossed rivers on horseback. I had many meaningless blablaversation and small amounts of insight, making instant personal connections along the way. I lost some friends, fuck them, I made new ones, some of them for life.

I enjoyed every single moment of my epic trip and I wish everyone the chance to do it within their lifetime.
Hopefully you will, as I did, confront your own stereotypes, personal-myths and learn about humanity itself.

photos during event by: