July VJ Meeting
& Showcase


A improvised blend of sound synthesis and live coded visuals, both performers send signals to each other in OSC and CV formats to feed individual elements into a synergistic live performance. Leon uses modular synthesis and the Monome grid instrument, while Coral live codes with Cyril, TouchDesigner and live patches the 3trinsRGB.


Matias was a computational biologist in his previous life and has drawn some inspiration from that.
Presenting Growth,  a piece concerned with the emergence of organic growth and complex patterns emerging from simple rules. Using Touchdesigner and Ableton Live.


Born out of the London free party scene (and a hiatus with a washing machine), FRUT is a collective of visual artists, FU and RT, who work collaboratively to create dynamic live visuals for events, festivals and happenings across the UK and Europe.

Influenced by everything from 90s rave culture to psychedelia and Eastern art, their work aims to push boundaries, both from an aesthetic and a technical perspective; interacting with audio, embracing technologies and always thinking outside the box.

They thrive bringing the visual to unexpected places; working with a space’s own unique features to create a spectacle that is truly one-of-a-kind, augmenting the realities of everyday life. The visuals created are bespoke and can be adapted to any theme or event concept. In fact, they love the challenge.

FRUTFX are currently working on a political drum and bass A/V set, selecting certain songs they believe cast out a political message that may have been overlooked. Their bespoke visuals are audio-reactive which aim to enhance the message in the music.


vjlondon July 2017