February 2016
meetup + showcase



Club Visuals & Gaming? Interactive VJing! Grab your gamepad and hit the dance floor! From 2009 we are experimenting with a fun and intuitive platform, to control visuals on-the-fly, and involve our audience in the creation. Beside participatory VJ performances, we release our concepts for mobile phones and tablets as well.

Andor Merks is a London based media artist & entrepreneur. Started his career as a Video Jockey in 2003, in Budapest. He established ‘VJ Yourself’ in 2009 focusing on interactive and participatory visuals. His research happening on artistic and coding level in the same time: developing a custom live coding framework for his experiments.


Introducing AV SILK ROAD, VJ London & Leon Trimble


A new project connecting AV events, artists, knowledge, cities across UK.
The project kicked off by linking three events in three cities, TestCard in Manchester, BYOB for the launch of the project in Birmingham and VJ London meet-up & showcase.
AV Silk Road launch party – Birmingham
Test Card – Manchester

NONOIA (Fabio Catapano)

AV set

Nonoia is a New Media Art collective founded by Fabio Catapano in collaboration with Giuseppe Santillo.
The duo focuses on new art exploration through media (photography, illustration, video mapping, glitch art and generative design). The work is distinguished by the strong contrast between new digital art and traditional expression that attempts to glorify classic and natural beauty in holistic live experiences.



VJ set

Gabór Szűcs is currently doing a master degree in Painting at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He’s been vjing since 2012, doing projections for live concerts, night clubs and festivals. I will present a vj set full of glitch, using loops created from vintage 8bit games, old hungarian slovak cartoons and also samples from VHSs.