AV Depot
website launch party

VJ London presents:
AV Depot – A warehouse full of cutting edge audiovisual performances and interactive art to celebrate the launch of VJ London’s brand new website.

// AV performances
VJ Eletroiman (multi VJ Torna champion)
Mowgli and Zenoid Cubed (Burning Man, Big Chill)
Toby*Spark (D-Fuser creator)
Dr.Mo vs Input Junkie (Videoreactive, Electrovision)
L’Aubaine & Visiting Cat (Shambala, Basilar Records)

// Interactive installation playground
VJ Yourself
Dr. Mo
Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers
Mangosh Prunier

ExFed – warehouse space, behind New River Studios
199 Eade Road, N4 1DN

Entrance: 5 pounds
Door opens: 18:00
Performance starts: 20:00
Finish: 01:00

// Electroiman aka Ricardo Silveira Cançado
VJ Eletroiman (from Brazil, based in Barcelona), develops in his audiovisuals narratives the concepts of Corisco, Macunaíma and Oxossi, characters of Brazilian culture and identity. With this objective, Electroiman works the video with other techniques like photography and drawing. This idea of convergence allows a dialogue between various techniques, composing a hybrid language that is being developed from the beginning of 2003.
He performed in festivals across the world and he’s got a high number of victories at VJ contests (VJ Torna, Mapping Festival). He’s also the organiser of the Festival Visual Brasil held in Barcelona.

// DITHERNOISE (live AV set)
Simon Longo aka Dithernoise, is a sound composer and video artist whose work includes site-specific installations and laptop audiovisual performances. Si Mons work is inspired through electronica, digital and organic aesthetics to create interdisciplinary art with reference to neurosciences, field theories and theories of information, primarily exploring the synergy between sound and images synaesthesia.

// Mowgli Art and Zenoid Cubed
Zenoid Cubed, presented for the first time, is a mesmerising combination of installation, improvisation, video mapping, audio and generative visuals created using Mowgli’s Zenoid audiovisual groovebox.

// Toby*Spark
Creator of the spark d-fuser.
“rbn_esc” is a project fusing cinema and live experimental visuals. Presenting a series of character scenarios, it invites the audience to construct narrative and cultural critique: rbn_esc >> urban escape. It is also a vj project of some years, evolving to the final ‘live cinema’ state presented here of a refined, multi-layered 40 minute audio-visual performance.

// DR Mo
Mauritius Seeger is an interactive programmer and video artist, interested in photography, live video performances, and interactive art. His current work focuses on lighting, projections, displays and art projects that draw on his experience in computer vision and his interest in lens based media.

‘Flow’ is a AV performance by (Mauritius Seeger) and inputJunkie(John Heery). It combines atmospheric cinematic scenes of landscapes and urban architecture with a live ambient electronic soundtrack. ( (inputJunkie)

// L’Aubaine visuals & Visiting Cat
will present “Morroco”, a colourful road trip filled with impressions, memories, people and landscape from that beautiful country. The story is narrated live by using short clips made with hand-drawn animations, drawings, video and a bit of text. It’s also a trip through music, with Visiting Cat performing live electronic with ethnic influence.Visiting Cat is a duo composed by producers diarmo and High Pockets

// VJ Yourself
Interactive VJing

// Chromatouch aka Leon Trimble
The ‘body’ scanner – originally developed in November 2014 for an exhibition with Chaos Computer Club member Starbug and artist Lily Wales, concerned with privacy. Tempting the viewer to interact with the exhibit with the promise of the body being scanned, there is a different mechanism at work. Much of the web uses this same tactic, click bait articles for example: Look at this really silly thing that blatantly isn’t researched or even necessarily true – often farmed from a real or novel news article but paraphrased in a way to lure the viewer, but surreptitiously farming ‘clicks’ for advertising revenue, leaving tracking cookies and maybe worse, including popups etc, and further down the line trojans, viruses and scams. Simply put, stealing your privacy. This works similarly, always watch your back…

Leon Trimble (VJ Chromatouch) is a live artist working with audio visual performance. Building systems to capture input of music, acting or dance etc. and mixing/processing those elements within a digital system to create immersive experiences, including but not limited to, 360o interactive environments. Working and touring extensively with organisations like The Southbank Centre, Ars Electronica Futurelab and Ikon Gallery in various creative collaborations, Leon bought his own geodesic dome from Santa Cruz in 2015 so he can host and experiment with immersive experiences for
theatre, music and digital collaboration. He is currently a fellow at BOM.

// Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers aka Andrew Rowe
“wall hung copper based artwork made nicer by touching”
is a four framed sheets of copper wired into two framed effects units with the electronics exposed, wired into a small mixer with electronics exposed and an amplifier. it makes a lot of noise when people touch it and interact with it. the amplifier has two sets of headphones for people to wear when they use it.

// Mangosh Prunier aka evvvvil
A multi-skilled computer graphics designer, programmer and animator.

// Glitchbox
Glitchboxx is a photobooth reinveted for internet times
Installation project by neon:m3 Neon Emtrzy, Bruce Lane and Olya Levistova made during HackTheVisual London Hackaton.

// Silveriofunk
will be DJing in the interludes between performances