Tommy Xiao Ji Wu

Hybrid Audio Visual Experimentation. A fusion of audio and visual mixing, blending deep rhythmic baselines with reactive lights and shapes. Shuffle through time and bass…and get ready for the Glitch! With a background in music videos Tommy creates original content ranging from animations to video footage but also explores the deep web for random, trippy and psychedelic visuals from Fractal zooms to break dancing power rangers…

Jae Ho Hwang
Jaeho Hwang, London-based artist, originally from South Korea.
He has been creating comprehensive digital art pieces,
experimental and commercial graphic moving image / animation and audio-visual art.

Miri Kat

Miri Kat is an AV Noise Artist working with Max/MSP, processing & found sound. She focuses her work on the creation of unique sounds and immersive multimedia / generative visuals. She has recently performed at venues across London such as Cafe OTO, I K L E C T I K, New River Studios & Limewharf. She also works at Novation music.

Space Directive
After finding in the distant space the Pioneer plaque, we are coming to you to share with you, the experience of thousand light years of traveling in space.

Trotyl is an electronic music producer born in Wroclaw (Poland) actually living in London, fused on Glitch IDM experimental and breakcore sounds, listen to: href=”

Vision, videos, photos, visuals,graphic etc… agnespies.“Writing a bio is more complicated than you think. You can only see a part of the truth. My paintings are held by millions of tiny light beams. Each image can destroy mine / your life, without you knowing about it for the next 20 years, also never knowing why… You can see it once. Visual stage can take eons and you look at them for a split second when the frame is so little. It’s as if you had not yet been born or spent most of your time being dead.”

*REMIX / Funeral Monologue from Synecdoche, New York.