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10,000 – Central Saint Martins Graduate exhibition

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USB Webcam provided.

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I am in need of a programmer to either adapt an existing API (An example is included in the bottom of this post) or develop a new platform for live face replacement for an art installation. The viewer’s face will be captured via webcam, and the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) must be tracked on and blended into the pre-existing footage. Snapchat’s face replacement feature is exactly what I want to achieve. There will be several different angles that the faces must be tracked onto, and in some shots several people who the viewer’s face must be mapped to symotanously. Experience with Syphon is a plus; if the output from the stream can be a Syphon output for use in VDMX for live color correction and effects that would be beneficial.

I have played around with this C++ API – http://face.ci2cv.net/#download which is open source, and very easily tracks a face and transfers its emotions to a pre-existing mask. It would need to be modified to map the eyes and mouth of the video input to another face and blend them seamlessly.

For this project time is of the essence. I have less than 3 weeks to complete it. Please send an estimate of total cost for this project, and what the major challenges you could foresee in this project.

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