WEBGL basic interaction with Szymon Kaliski

This workshop is a 2 day short course happening over the 25th and 26th of June. It will be hosted at New River Studios, near ExFed so all activities during the festival will be happening within close reach from each other. To join the workshop you will need your own laptop (osx, win, linux)


WebGL is a fairly recent technology which allows to create OpenGL-based heavy graphics applications that can be shared on the web, with no need to download or install anything. The web is becoming a platform for building interactive art pieces and experimental experiences thanks to this tool.

This workshop will be focused on getting up and running with Three.js library, and is aimed at people with no previous coding knowledge. You will learn the basics of HTML and CSS (just enough to get going), a lot of JavaScript, and maybe a little bit of graphics card shader language – GLSL. We’ll go through the WebGL rendering pipeline, learn some vectors maths, and set up a noise-based particle system in the process.

Workshop Host

Szymon Kaliski is a freelance creative technologist and audiovisual artist, designing and implementing solutions at the intersection of data, code and art. His projects are ranging from data visualizations, through interactive applications, to generative artworks, experimental tools, and lately building flow-based visual programming languages. He is strong believer in multidisciplinary approach to making projects, sketching visual prototypes and interactions directly in code, and he’s spending a lot of time on explorations and experiments. Besides programming he creates ambient/experimental music, using mainly self-made hardware and software, builds interactive art pieces, talks, and teaches workshops about creative uses of technology.



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