Seb Marx


AV performance
Seb Marx

Seb is a prolific producer, and using analogue synths and drum machines builds tunes on the fly accompanied by synchronised visuals created through cinema 4D and ran through Resolume.

Using Elektron synths, the Virus and live instruments Seb builds an intricate and rhythmic beat – having played an AV set for last 3/4 years he is now running the music through analogue hardware for the last few months as his new project.

Audiovisual Performances


AV performance
Chica Fabrica

inspired by the world of women in the history, shows her special vision of life


Fall & Feel

Digital mantra that explores the relationship between the fast society and nature.


Latitude / Particle

Live cinema performance Latitude [31°10N/121°28E] is inspired by the notion of drifting through the city - a journey through the land and soundscapes of China, following the emotive and sublime qualities of spaces that surround us.


Masks of Light

A journey through a series of abstract landscapes, changing the mood along with the music. Throughout the set, intricate, pattern-like creatures appear in time with the music, pulsing and evolving in a hypnotic way.