Project Description

The enlarged jack plug is mounted on a microphone stand and is an interactive sculptural sound generating instrument. It is displayed in galleries and is used in live performance.  The piece arose through experiments manipulating sounds that are created from the electrical interference heard when the tip and sleeve of a standard jack plug are touched.

A wide variety of sounds can be created, from high pitched squeals to low frequency rumbles. as a standard jack plug is only about 6cm in length and is difficult for an audience to see unaided, this larger version was created to generate the desired noise and to look visually impressive. It also explores how the aesthetics of an object can change when its scale is altered.

The enlarged jack plug is used in conjunction with a modified distortion pedal which has had its electronics removed from their original container and are rehoused in an open topped box so that the electronics can be seen and touched. By touching and interacting with the electronics while also touching the jack plug, many different sounds can be created.

Interactive Experiences



Demo new #gesture AVATAR #teenGIRL Come play & take #selfie


Sound Flowers

A sound reactive projection mapped paper engineered sculpture set against a changing backdrop go LEDs


Open Source Collaborative Noise
Michal Mitro

OSCn or "Open Source Collaborative Noise (where n = amount of participants)" is an interactive sound art installation that lets anyone shape and control the ever-buzzing set of analogue oscillators.


Laurie Bender

The LED hoodie is a piece of clothing with inserted LEDs using wearable and wireless technology. Audio-reactive and controlled in real-time.


Gnosis VR
VJ Rybyk, Ana Leitao, VVDS

immersive and interactive music video, part art happening based on a contemporary dance performance, part “ambient” gameplay with more than meets the eye…


Sentient Flux VR
Nicola Plant & Alexander Adderley

The experience explores what qualities of movement convey a sense of presence, a sentience that is alive and sympathetic to your existence. The piece aims to create a meditative space into which the only thing retained is movement.


3D Printed Nano Projector

Organic Projections created within a central Petri dish, often rotating - thrown up to 35 meters in diameter from a custom built overhead projector.


Bertie Sampson

Installation exploring the relationship between light and sound.


Piki Camera Bullet Time

Take a funny pose in front of the camera(s) and see yourself as a primitive gif animation. Have fun with friends around you and generate offline memes!


4D Watercolour

A true multimedia experience, 4D watercolour combines projection mapping, watercolour painting, audio and sound reaction. The installation plays with the ideas of time, perception and reality.


Neon M3 & Bruce Lane

Glitchboxx is an anti-selfie photobooth device allowing you to interact with other people's avatars. Press the button, take a short sequence, glitch your face, become part of the bigger picture and make the internet see that!


Mind the Chair
Francesco Soave

Mind the Chair is an interactive installation which focuses on giving a real time audio/visual representation of the activity of our brain.

conor barry

Leave A Message
Connor Barry

Listen to the anonymous messages left behind by others, or record your own.


Dalston VIBE
Towards Collapse

Dense and constantly shifting video collage, replete with humorous visual contrasts, improbable juxtapositions and VHS artefacts introduced as the magnetic video tape degrades in quality.


Enlarged Jack Plug
The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers

The enlarged jack plug is mounted on a microphone stand and is an interactive sculptural sound generating instrument .


▼∕▲ – Microdee & Abduct

Arpatelar is interactive audio/visual installation which plays harp like a musical instrument


Ethnic Diversity in Sites of Cultural Activity
Ryo Ikeshiro

Installation posing the question of whether computers can be racist by highlighting the potential for discrimination of face recognition technology.


Disinformation My Misinformation

AV installation merging two forms of obsolete visual technology: Super 8 film and video hardware processing.